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Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Coming soon...

One remarkable thing about writing a series is that ideas can sometimes be percolating for years. When I began work on Would-Be Witch, I realized that Tammy Jo's closest living relatives were her aunt and her mother. Those witchy women did not appear in book 1 or book 2. We meet Tammy's Aunt Melanie briefly in Halfway Hexed. But it isn't until Casually Cursed that we will not only meet her mother Marlee, but actually get to see where she's been all this time. Are you excited? I hope so because I'm excited to have written this particular installment with so many mysteries finally revealed.

Coming to stores & sites on: FEBRUARY 3, 2015 


  1. I love these books relaxing and funny with a little suspense. They are also well written, great addition to my reading list.

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